How to get $200 off your next month’s rent

refer a friend, friends laughing around fire

Refer a friend and get $200 off your next month’s rent

Friends make the best neighbors. At Prairie Property Management, when you refer a friend to your community and they sign a lease, we will give you $200 off your next month’s rent! Plus, there is no limit to how many you can refer. So if you refer 5 friends in a month and they sign lease at your community, you could get $1,000 off your rent!

To help you take advantage of this program and spread the word, we came up with a couple of ideas to help you make more referrals and save you money.

Host a house warming party

Invite your friends over and let them see your new home. Provide snacks, drinks, and give them a tour. If they seem interested in the community, connect them with your property manager.

Share your favorite parts about living at your community with your friends

Think about why you love your home and bring it up in conversation with your friends and coworkers.  If you have a community area, invite them over to come and see it.

Share the Prairie Property Management website with your friends

If one of your friends mentions that they are thinking about moving, send them to the Prairie Property Management website and show them which community you live in. Tell them what you like most about living there.

Share Prairie Property Management’s Facebook posts

Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages are updated regularly making it easy for you to share posts and information. If you see a post about your community, share it to your own timeline and tell your friends that you would love to refer them.

Give us a follow on social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Create your own Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts

Do you love your kitchen or your living room? Whatever room you love, share a picture of it on social media. Tell your friends that you would love to refer them.

Tip: Use #lifeatprairieproperty to be featured on our social media pages.

Once you have a referral, visit our referrals page for more information.