Four Places to Live with a Community Patio

Four Places to Live with a Community Patio

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising! One of our favorite ways to enjoy the season is to relax on the patio with friends, neighbors, and family. That is why we have put together a list of apartments and townhomes that offer a community patio to its’ residents, so that you too can enjoy patio season.

The Grand off 45th | Fargo, ND

The Grand off 45th in Fargo, ND offers a brand new patio and pergola outside of its’ clubroom. The patio offers plenty of space to play a game of bags, meet up with friends and neighbors, or just relax. The Grand off 45th offers efficiency, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom home options with a clubroom/ game room, fitness center, pet washing station, and underground parking.

Brookledge at Fox Hills | Watford City, ND

Brookledge at Fox Hills in Watford City, ND has an outdoor grilling station as well as a firepit with seating. This picturesque setting makes the perfect place to have a good time. Brookledge at Fox Hills offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom home options with a fitness center, pet run, and community room.

Stonemill Pond Community | Moorhead, MN

The Stonemill Pond Community in Moorhead, MN offers a clubhouse with an attached patio that features a grill, seating, and green spaces that are perfect for a picnic or yard games. Stonemill offers efficiency, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as 3 bedroom townhomes and twin homes. The community includes a fitness center and community room as well as a public outdoor basketball court, picnic area, ice skating rink, and playground.

Shadow Crest Townhomes | Fargo, ND

Shadow Crest Townhomes in Fargo, ND offer a spacious patio and pergola with seating around a firepit. This patio faces a peaceful pond and is situated along walking trails that go through the community. These upscale townhomes offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom home options.

Looking for a bit more privacy? We’ve got you covered. A majority of our apartments, townhomes, and twin homes also offer a private patio, balcony, or deck! View all of our properties here.

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Home Fresh

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Home Fresh

Sometimes your home needs a deep clean. Spring cleaning is here so we’re helping by giving you some of our best tips and tricks on how to keep your living spaces looking clean and smelling fresh!

Glass Stove Top

The glass stove top can be a tricky one to keep clean, especially if the residue has been sitting on the glass for long periods of time. To prevent any damage to the stove top, it is best to remove any residue as soon as possible. One way to clean the surface is to evenly mix hydrogen peroxide, dawn dish soap, and baking soda. Use a brush with bristles to gently scrub the areas needing attention.

Washing Machine

To keep your clothes smelling fresh and your washing machines clean all you need to do is let the top load washer fill with water as high and hot as possible, add a quart of white vinegar. Let the washer agitate for about a minute, then let it sit for an hour. While you’re waiting you can use a toothbrush or similar item to scrub the creases and rims of the washer to make sure all parts are being cleaned. Once you feel the vinegar has set for a long enough time, you can let the cycle finish through. Lastly, run another wash with one cup of baking soda to neutralize! You may need to wipe down the sides after the process is complete. Enjoy your fresh top load washing machine.


Get the stuck on food in your microwave to wipe off with no scrubbing! Take lemon slices and put them in a microwave safe bowl filled with water. Add a splash of vinegar. Place the bowl in the microwave and cook for 5 minutes, then let it sit for a couple minutes after cooked. Use a damp cloth the wipe out the stuck on grim and it will come off easily!

Marks on the Floor

If you have a clean tennis ball you can remove the marks and scuffs left on the hardwood flooring! Just rub the ball over the spots until they disappear.

These tips are just a few of the tricks you can use to make sure your home is feeling clean & fresh!

Your top 4 renters insurance questions answered

Your top 4 renters insurance questions answered

When you are looking at apartments or townhouses, you are thinking about what the rent is, how much the utilities will cost, and what you will need for a down payment. Renters insurance is often forgotten about, but it is extremely important and necessary. That is why we have broken down the renters insurance basics and answered your top 4 questions.

Why do I need renters insurance?

Unfortunately, disasters happen.  If a pipe bursts, your apartment gets broken into, or a fire occurs, it is important that you have insurance to protect what you own. Insurance can end up saving you huge! If you don’t have renters insurance, you could be at risk of losing thousands of dollars. Many may think that they don’t need renters insurance or that the management company will assume responsibility. However, only the building itself is covered by the landlord. Your personal property is not included, and that is why some companies, such as Prairie Property Management, will require you to have renters insurance as a part of the lease agreement.

What does it cover?

Renters insurance covers your personal belongings as well as your liability in the event that someone is injured on the property. There a couple of different coverage methods insurance companies will use. They will either cover the cash value of your belongings (what they would be sold for today) or they will cover to completely replace the item. Often times policies that will completely replace an item are a higher cost since the pay out is higher.

As with any type of insurance, there is a deductible. Which means that you are responsible for the cost up to a certain amount. Say your deductible is $1,000, then you’d be responsible for everything up to $1,000 in damage. Depending on what plan you pick, there are limits to what insurance can cover and some items are excluded from coverage, such as jewelry.

The coverage may also cover additional expenses, such as if something happens at your apartment and you need to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, it will be covered by insurance.

What does it cost?

Unlike homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance is very reasonably priced, with an average cost of around $16 per month according to PolicyGenius. The total cost per month is primarily based on how much your possessions are worth and what sort of deductible you want. Other factors include: if you are a dog owner, what security systems are in place, and your location.

Where can I purchase renters insurance?

There are a lot of companies that sell renters insurance and a good starting point would be checking to see if your car insurance company also offers renters insurance. Otherwise, a quick Google search will pull up several companies that will give you quotes online without ever having to talk to an agent, unless you want to. When you are looking for a provider, shop around a bit and get multiple quotes. That way you will be sure you are getting the exact coverage you need at the best price. The whole process could take you as little as 10 to 15 minutes but could end up saving you thousands.

Conclusion: Purchasing renters insurance is quick, easy, and totally worth it.

Virtual Tours of the Cascades of Mandan Apartments

Cascades of Mandan Apartments Virtual Tours

The Cascades of Mandan have everything you want and need! The open floor plans, beautiful finishes, and convenient location make these Mandan apartments a great place to call home. Each apartment is complete with a private patio or balcony, stainless steel appliances, air conditioning, large walk-in closets, and a washer and dryer. The buildings also features an elevator, fitness center, and a keypad entrance for additional security.

View the Efficiency, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom floor plans:

Efficiency Floor Plan

1 Bedroom Floor Plan – Model

1 Bedroom Floor Plan

2 Bedroom Floor Plan

2 Bedroom Floor Plan

3 Bedroom Floor Plan

See additional floor plan information, rental rates, pet policies, and more on the Cascades of Mandan website.

View our other Mandan properties.

Prairie Property Management named Best Apartment Rental Company

Prairie Property Management named Best Apartment Rental Company

We are so excited to announce that Prairie Property Management has been named Best Apartment Rental Company in the Fargo Forum’s Best of the Red River Valley Awards in 2018. This achievement means so much to us since we were nominated and voted for by the individuals in the communities we serve. We are so humbled and thankful.

Prairie Property Management serves rental communities in Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, Minot, Mandan, Williston, Watford City, and Jamestown. We are dedicated to providing a quality lifestyle for you and your family by offering great service and quality products. We offer everything from efficiency apartments to single family homes. From move-in to move-out, we are your local rental experts.

We were founded in 1996 and have since moved into new cities and manage over 2,500 rental units. We continue looking for new ways to serve our residents to make the rental process as easy as possible. This year, we have started offering online leasing, virtual tours, and have added new team members. Our portfolio has grown with the addition of The Grand off 45th Apartments, Diamond Creek Townhomes, Shadow Creek Townhomes, and Cascades Townhomes.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and who has supported us over the years! We look forward to continue offering  you quality products and excellent service.